Lockdown Extension Day 2

If you’ve never read James Thurber’s Thirteen Clocks, this may persuade you that you have missed something worth chasing up:

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Still here, and the garden’s still growing. (It’s full of laundry today – a bonus of being stuck at home all day with little else to do is that I save money on the tumbledryer).

The forsythia is busy getting rid of its flowers, so welcome at the end of February as a sign that Spring was nearly here and I should start plotting longer walks, and is layering up with bright green leaves instead. A scruffy plant, but a keen one, and one that will be keeping me busy managing its enthusiasm. (At least sideways. It’s too tall to prune the waving fronds that stretch for the blue sky above.)

Garden 02 JPG

Today’s reading comes from The Thirteen Clocks by James Thurber. The Golux is talking to a wandering (and wondering) minstrel:

“Not so fast,” the Golux said. “Half the places I have been to, never were. I make things up…

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I'm an academic researching on the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller, the crusades, religion and the role of women in warfare and in religious life in medieval Europe. This blog will feature developments in my research as it progresses.
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1 Response to Lockdown Extension Day 2

  1. Lovely! I have a first edition of the 13 clocks somewhere. I used to read that, Many Moons, and The Wonderful O to my daughter. Thanks for reminding me of those days.

    Sorry not to see you at Leeds this year. Hope this will be under control by next year.


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