Why the UK Coronavirus Lockdown should be lifted on Monday

This is important: read it!

PS: if you are in the UK and you agree with Gawain, write to your MP about this. Your member of Parliament needs to know your views.

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Readers who have had the good fortune to have been living in a cave in Patagonia will not have heard of the coronavirus Covid-19, and it is highly recommended that for the sake of their sanity they return to their cave immediately. Or at least turn off their internet before trying to go any further.

Nearly three weeks ago the Prime Minister imposed a blanket lockdown on the country which permitted leaving the house for:

  • essential supplies (not defined);
  • medicine (not defined);
  • daily exercise of walking, cycling or running (not further defined);
  • work that cannot be done from home (relevance of this work not defined).

The Prime Minister then went and stood within about a foot of his medical professionals repeatedly, while telling the population that they must not see friends or family or go within 2 metres of a human being that they do not live with, and proceeded…

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I'm an academic researching on the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller, the crusades, religion and the role of women in warfare and in religious life in medieval Europe. This blog will feature developments in my research as it progresses.
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