Death of ‘Documents relating to the Military Orders’

It was warned of long ago, and now it has come: the ‘Documents relating to the Military Orders’ are no longer available online. Cardiff University has closed down the links.

However, here comes Google cache to the rescue! All the files are still on google cache! So here they are:

Documents relating to the Military Orders online

Document One: contemporary reactions to the foundation of the military orders:

Dccument Two: How William Became a Monk

The Siege of Ascalon:

Extracts from the Chronicles of Matthew Paris:

Document Three: The Fall of Acre (1291):

Document Four: The Iberian Peninsula and the ‘Reconquest’:

Documents relating to the Baltic Crusade:

Charters of donation to the Military Orders

The Monastic Day and the Templars’ Day

Jacques de Vitry: Sermons to a Military Order

Literature of the Military Orders

Relations with Rulers

The Military Orders and Economic Growth

Crusade Planning in the late thirteenth century

The Trial of the Templars

Some of them also appear on other websites, e.g. Paul Halsall’s Online Sourcebook and the De Re Militari site.



About gawainsmum

I'm an academic researching on the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller, the crusades, religion and the role of women in warfare and in religious life in medieval Europe. This blog will feature developments in my research as it progresses.
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