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Knights Templar in Norfolk and Suffolk: banking at Dunwich

I’ve added some comments on the Templars in Norfolk and Suffolk to my ‘Knights Templar estates’ blog here. My transcription of the accounts for the first and second years that the Templar’s estates in Norfolk and Suffolk were administered by royal … Continue reading

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Charity, alms and almonries: the Templars at Gislingham continued

Following my post on the Templars’ ruined ‘alms-house’ at Gislingham in Suffolk, Dr Paul Webster has pointed out that the kings of England maintained ‘almonries’ from which alms were dispensed. King John maintained almonries at locations where he stayed on his … Continue reading

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The Templars at Gislingham in Suffolk

This is exciting! Although the records from the Templars’ estates between 1308 and 1313 mention regular almsgiving, they are generally silent on the subject of buildings associated with aid for the poor. But the inventory for the Templars’ manor at … Continue reading

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Reproduction online of old articles on the Templars and Hospitallers

Earlier this week I put on to some of my early papers from the international ‘Military Orders’ conferences at St John’s Gate in London: ‘Knights and Lovers’  (from the 1992 conference); ‘Before William of Tyre‘ (from the 1996 conference); and ‘The … Continue reading

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