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My two colleagues have reported back with their initial transcriptions of records of Templar estates in Northumberland and in Essex. Now I need to find the time to check them through! But we are moving ahead on the project.

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Countdown to the ‘Templars lands’ workshop at the University of Hull, Sat. 26 April

Only two weeks now until the ‘Templar lands and economy’ workshop at the University of Hull on Saturday 26 April! There will be papers by Julia Beeden, Norah Carlin, Mike Jefferson, Helen Fenwick, Patrick Flynn, John Walker and myself. The conference takes … Continue reading

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Blofeld’s cat — no, Cathar cat

Last week I travelled to Princeton University to take part in a conference on ‘The Capetian Century, 1214 to 1314’. The papers were excellent. One in particular caught my attention: Cecilia Gaposchkin ofDartmouth College spoke on ‘Kingship and Crusade in the First … Continue reading

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