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Knights Templar Estates project funding bid: update

My PI (principal investigator) response has just been submitted. Now I and the would-be project team wait and hope.

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Knights Templar estates project funding bid: current status

The referees’ reports on my application for funding for the ‘Knights Templars estates in England and Wales’ project. I have until Monday 18 November to respond. I’ve produced a draft response with help from colleagues and the project team, and … Continue reading

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This post deals with another very common question in my email bag: ‘My family is descended from crusaders.’ The enquirer then gives a family name and asks me to tell them more about their crusading ancestor(s). Usually, I can’t. The … Continue reading

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Templars & Hospitallers in Scotland

I’m trying to catch up with some of the requests for Templar-related information I’ve received over the last four months (from which you will gather that this has not been a quiet time). Some of these are clearly points of … Continue reading

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